User monitor NVE-M200



The NVE-M200 user monitor is an elegant and aesthetically made device designed for installation in a residential or office space. The large color screen and intuitive menu allows quick and convenient use of its functions. In addition to the basic functions (camera image display, door opening), the on-screen menu also allows you to view and delete messages and photos. The device’s basic memory allows you to save up to 100 photos. Built-in speaker and microphone facilitate operation and communication with guests, security of the building or other premises. Communication with another subscriber is also possible by receiving and sending text messages entered from the keyboard displayed on the screen. The door opening command from the icon on the screen can be additionally password protected. Optionally four input lines can create a simple alarm system enriched with images from cameras. The subscriber is armed / disarmed by means of an icon on the screen. The alarm is signaled locally and on the security monitor. Disabling the alarm requires a special password. It is also possible to install a monitor in an elevator that will allow communication with building security in an emergency.


Device type Indoor monitor
Display LCD TFT
Resolution 800 x 480 px
Diagonal 7″
Supply voltage 12, 18VDC
PoE 18VDC (tylko NVE-PS200)
Additional functions alarm functions, additional door panel, SD card slot, volume control
Power consumption 300mA
Operating temperature from -10 to 55 °C
Dimensions 210 x 140 x 20 mm


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