Standard Controller KDH-KS3012-IP


The KDH-KS3012-IP standard controller is designed to work with the new NMS ACCESS CONTROL physical access control system. Communication with the system server is based on TCP/IP protocol via the Ethernet port on the controller board.

It is possible to connect up to two readers to the controller using the Wiegand ports. Readers with output from 26 to 40 bits are supported. This ensures that the KDH-KS3012-IP controller can handle one double-sided or two single-sided access controlled doors.

The support of readers with a four-bit keyboard output format allows the use of different ways of identifying the user – card only, PIN only, card or PIN and the two-stage identification card and PIN.

The KDH-KS3012-IP has NO/NC configurable inputs and relay outputs to control the operation of devices with a significant value of current (e.g. electromagnetic locks, signallers). The number of inputs and outputs of the controller can be increased by using the additional expansion module KDH-MOD2000INOUT.

Memory of 20 000 cards, 50 000 events and 20 000 alarms allows the system to operate undisturbed even when communication with the server is lost, as well as archiving events and alarms on the server after reconnecting.

Standard controllers are installed inside a safe area in a metal enclosure with a buffer power supply. The power supply allows you to connect the battery supporting the physical access control system even in the event of an electrical network failure.


Readers port quantity 2
Two way control door 1
Dimensions (mm) 120 x 140 x 22
One way control door 2
Readers port type Wiegand
Communication ports TCP
Card buffer 20 000
Event buffer 50 000
Inputs 6
Outputs 3
Supply power 12 VDC
Temperature range -10°C to 55°C
Humidity (non-condensing) 10% – 90%
Readers type proximity, magnetic stripe, biometric
Readers power 12V
Lock output type relay
Lock output monitoring no
LED and buzzer output 4
Extension port 1 x 4 relays module
Auxiliary output power


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