Professional system for remote body temperature measurement NVIP-2H-8912M/TS SET



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The set consist of :
1 x IP camera with body temperature measuring feature NVIP-2H-8912M/TS
1 x Black body callibration unit NV-BBU
1 x network recorder NVR-8332P16-H4/F

Important features: 

  • up to 16 people simultaneus measurement within less than 1s
  • breducing number of false alarms thanks to VCA – the measurment is limited to detected face only
  • measured temperature value is assigned to specific person, captured image and temperature value are both stored in a databse in order to carry out further analysis


Rapid detection of people with elevated temperatures

Novus TS (Temperature Scan) uses a face detection algorithm in the image to measure temperature only within the face ignoring other objects in the background that can cause false alarms in competing systems without this functionality. The ability to measure 16 faces simultaneously in less than 1 secondmakes the system as one of the few can be used to scan the temperature of people without barriers to reduce the movement through various types of gates and without having to stop.


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