Power supply KDH-ZAS12/6/17


The KDH-ZAS12/6/17 buffer power supply is dedicated to powering controllers:

  • KaDe KS2000 series,
  • KaDe KS3000 series,
  • Kantech KT-1.

The power supply is designed for uninterruptible 12V DC power supply. The backup power source is a 12V lead-acid battery of VRLA type. The power supply is made in the form of a cabinet, designed to be hung on the wall, where the power supply module is installed and provides space for a 12V 18Ah battery. This module deals with the entire operation of battery batteries, output protection, signaling etc.

For the connection of batteries, two, permanently mounted wires terminated with 6.3 mm connectors are used. The connection to the 18Ah battery, which is equipped with screw terminals, is performed via a transitional component-male connector 6.3 mm with a hole Ø6mm.

The current outputs of the PSU and its relay outputs are connected via connectors equipped with screw terminals. The connection can be done either when the connector caps are already attached to the power supply or after they have been ejected.


Napięcie zasilania 110V-240 V AC
Power consumption 1.52A@230V AC max.
Output Votage 13.5V-13.7V DC
Output current 5A + 1A battery charging
Battery protection yes
Dimensions 394 x 354 x 86 mm
Dedicated battery 18 Ah
Working temperature -25ºC…+55ºC
Technical outputs EPS – AC power failure, LoB – low battery voltage
Designed for KDH-KS2012-IP, KDH-KS2024-IP, KDH-KS3012-IP, KDH-KS3024-IP, KDH-KS-2000-IP-ELV, KDH-MOD2016-ELV


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