Electric strike KDA-STRIKE12SNM


Electric strike (NC), low-current with a microswitch used as a sensor for pressing the handle. For remote wired opening of doors, gates, flaps, furniture. It can be used in steel, aluminum, wooden and PVC profiles, both internal and external, with the possibility of assembly for left and right doors as well as in vertical and horizontal position. Adjusting the hook in the range of 4mm facilitates assembly and ensures precise adjustment of the electric strike to the handle lock.

Possibility of assembly together with fixing plates:

KDA-BP130 – Flat plate, short, galvanized (130x25x3mm)

KDA-BP250 – Flat plate, long, galvanized (250x25x3mm)

KDA-BW130 – Flat plate, short with slip, made of stainless steel (130x25x3mm)

KDA-BW150 – Angular sheet, short, galvanized (130×25 / 32x3mm)

KDA-BKP250 – Angular, long, right, galvanized steel (250×25 / 32x3mm)

KDA-BKL250 – Angular plate, long, left, galvanized (250×25 / 32x3mm)



Lock type without supply normally close (NC)
power consumption 230 mA
Producer KaDe
power 12V DC
dimensions 83 x 20.5 x 28.5
Maximal pressure on the electrocracker 350Kg
Additional functions fail-secure, low-current, with microswitch


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