Ademco 6139RUS


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Description Ademco 6139rus

Ademco 6139RUS is an attractive and easy to use keyboard that completely eliminates all doubts of users when working with a security system. The white keyboard case is suitable for almost any interior. The keyboard can be used with the cover closed, hiding the buttons, or with the cover removed to fully open the buttons. White rubber buttons with internal illumination, triggered by a light touch, provide excellent visibility in low light conditions. Large display to display two lines of text. Separate buttons for emergency alerts. The built-in buzzer beeps about I / O delays, system status and other alarm events. Information on the status of zones and system events is displayed in the form of simple messages. The device is convenient for the user – all functions of the system are clearly described on the panel. Using the device is simplified by typing “password + command” to perform the necessary functions

Technical specifications Ademco 6139rus

  • Unit Type: 1 pc
  • Dimensions (mm): 121x159x32
  • Large LCD with fixed words 
  • Built-in piezodynamic 
  • Keyboard backlight 
  • Using user secret codes 
  • View messages on the status of the system and protected areas on the display 
  • Separation from the general list and skipping of individual zones when arming 
  • Autonomous sound alarm 
  • Panic Button Function 
  • Fast arming (without entering user code) 
  • Global arming with one function key 
  • View user permissions 
  • Supply voltage: 12V a post. current 
  • Power Consumption: 100 mA 
  • Dimensions: 121x159x32mm


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